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A Prayer for the Clueless and Confused

Divine Mystery,

Jesus tried to prepare his disciples

for his leaving

by reassuring them

that they already knew the way

to where he was going.

Thomas responded,

(I think bravely),

that they did not know

where he was going,

so how could they possibly

be expected to

know the way?

Jesus told Thomas,

and all of us…

“I am the Way.”

But despite all the signposts

we have been given:

the Gospels,

the Eucharist,

the lives of the saints,

the unexpected glimpses of grace;

we tend to get waylaid

on our way to Jesus.

During some seasons of life,

there seems to be no road map.

No regularly updated

internal GPS.

So we find other ways.

We find ways to fret…

Which way should I go?

I need to change my ways.

I’m in a bad way.

I miss the way things used to be.

We do at times find ways to uplift others…

Way to go!

You’ll find a way.

She has a way about her.

That’s the way!

But we are just as good at finding ways to belittle others…

Get out of my way!

He’s always getting his way.

She’s on the way out.

You’re way out of line!

Even Frank Sinatra

did it his way.

When Jesus said

I am the Way,

it must have felt like

herding cats.

Most of us are

not terribly good at this.

Sometimes the way seems

less like a path

than it does a maze.

I’m grateful for Thomas’ unabashed,

clueless confusion.

It gives all of us

permission to

turn to You

in exasperation

and say,

How can I possibly

know the way?

In those times,

please remind us

to listen for the

small, still voice saying..

“Come, I am this way.”

Point to the constellations

and show us

where True North is

in this moment,

at this bend

in the exhilarating,


and oh, so precious

maze of our lives.


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