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Welcome to Catholic-Conversations

Welcome to Catholic-Conversations, a safe space to explore the joys and challenges of Catholic faith and life. Join us in navigating the great mystery that is God and engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow believers and non-believers alike. Let’s start the conversation!

Hi! I'm Claire

I'm a Catholic "lifer." Raised in a Catholic home, I went to Catholic schools, worked as a parish pastoral associate, and co-founded a parachurch non-profit called Parish Catalyst whose mission is to help pastors and parish lay leaders “Think Creatively, Act Courageously and Renew the Church.”

I have a Master’s in Pastoral Theology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and a Doctor of Ministry from Catholic University in Washington, D.C.  I’ve preached at liturgies and set up cones in rainy parking lots. I spoke at Oxford University about parish life and have been the only one left at a parish event to clean up. My Catholic husband and I have raised four kids Catholic, and only one stuck with it.


A few years back, after my granddaughter’s baptism, I posted her picture on Facebook with the caption, “Welcome to the faith!  Grandma is working to build a church you can thrive in.” My hope is that this site helps all of us thrive in faith.

Claire Henning D. Min_

Discover your faith through meaningful conversations with others on Catholic- Conversations

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