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A forum for committed Catholics, cultural Catholics, disaffiliated Catholics, and everybody in between 

Why Catholic- Conversations?

Welcome to Catholic-Conversations, a forum for all to share their experiences of faith and belief. Here, we explore the joys and struggles of being Catholic and seek to understand the Divine working in our lives. Join us on our journey of discovery.

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Claire Henning D. Min_

Claire Henning

Over the years, I’ve seen and heard so many stories of steadfast faith and painful disaffiliation and participated in hundreds of stimulating conversations about the future of the church.

I want to provide a place where we can express what belief, faith, or religion has made us wonder about, marvel at, yearn for, trust or doubt – a place where our internal spiritual dialogue can be freely expressed.

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Exploring the Catholic experience.

"God comes to us
disguised as our lives"

Paula D'Arcy


Get inspired, read through the beautifully designed St. Paul the Apostle's Catholic community's Synodal process, Alive In The Spirit.  


Parish Catalyst Co-Founder Claire Henning talks about her parish, St. Paul the Apostle, and what they have been doing for the Synod on Synodality. Click the above link to see the full video.

Discover your faith through meaningful conversations with others on Catholic- Conversations

Join us in sharing your experiences for an engaging
and inspirational journey!

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