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God's Not Answering My Texts

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Dear Divine Lover

abiding within me,

Where did You go?

Where are You hiding?

Why haven’t You answered my texts?

I need to know where You are

because without You

I've come to a full stop.

It’s as if I have trudged

a long way

and suddenly,

I find myself standing

stock still

in the middle of the road,

unable to put one foot

in front of the other.

Together, You and I

don’t do full stop.

We do full charge.

Are You on summer vacation?

Are You tired of

my dependence on you?

Are You tired of

always having

to walk me though

every last thing I do?


My Dear Claire,

You are at full stop

because that is

where you need to be.

I am present to you now,

as I always am.

Right now I am present

in your brain fog,

in your passiveness,

in your lethargy.

I know.

You are used

to recognizing Me

in the excitement you feel

when we generate

an idea,

or a project together.

Claire, My dear,

there is no idea or project

right now…

other than the

project of






Sleep, and


In your compulsion

To do,

To be,

To create,

To engage,

you have lost touch –

not only with Me,

but with yourself.

By this stage of your life,

you must be able

to see the usual,

telltale signs of burnout…


Poor decision-making,

Lack of enthusiasm

for things that usually

bring you joy.

You’ve crossed the line, My dear.

Your actions are hollow

because you have lost touch

with My Life Force

within you.

I know you are also wondering…

as you age…

if you will ever feel

energy and purpose again?

You will.

You will.

Just not until

you balance the scales of

Life-In-God again.

Not until your own spirit

is nurtured and cared for

will you once again

be prepared

to hear My voice

calling you back

to new engagement

with the world.

Remember -

even I rested on the 7th day!

Did you hear that bird just now?

Feel that breeze?

Feel My sun on your face?

Have you marveled at the giant dahlias

showing off in your garden?

You wonder where I’ve gone?

It’s summertime.

I’m all around you,

inviting you to







Re-create yourself.

I’m still here..

the Divine Source

you took into your heart in childhood,

questioned and ignored in youth,

studied and intellectualized in adulthood,

welcomed into your marriage and family,

grew with in your faith,

co-created with in your ministry,

and am now

trying to be your best friend

as you age.

Like any best friend,

I understand your past,

and believe in your future.

We will co-create

new thoughts and projects again

after you’ve taken

some time

for self-renewal.

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