Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to share your Catholic Conversation with the rest of us. Here are a few guidelines.  Don’t be intimidated by how much there is to read! It’s all meant to help you write something that comes from your authentic spiritual center, which can only help us all.

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Pesky Details

  • Please submit only original work that has never been published before

  • Single-spaced, 12-point font

  • Do not indent paragraphs

  • No footnotes please (hyperlinks are ok)

  • Please submit Word documents (.docx preferred) 

  • Please check your spelling, it’s not my strong suit

  • Blogs should run between 500 and 1,000 words (not a hard and fast rule)

  • I will pair your blog with art of my choosing that suits the site

  • Please send your Word documents to


  • Write from the heart

  • Write a reflection about your faith experience/questions/doubts/joys

    • ​A reflection that supports current Church teaching

    • A reflection that questions current Church teaching

  • Write in a friendly, conversational voice (save the diatribes for Twitter!)

Your Signature

  • Please include your name at the top of the post​​

  • Please include a short bio (2-3 sentences) to help readers understand who you are at the bottom of your document. You may also post a link to your own site.​

  • I will consider anonymous posts if the circumstances warrant: for example, you work in the church and do not feel comfortable expressing your thoughts publicly, or your sharing is too deeply personal for you to want to share your name. I will still need the short bio for the end of the document.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in a post for this site?

This blog is designed to explore the contours of the Catholic experience. Your experience with Catholicism is unique to you. I ask that you dig deep and share what it is about Catholicism that has intrigued, guided, confused, or hindered you as you have navigated your life. Stories of actual experiences of steadfast faith, or painful departures, of hopes for what could be, are all great. Stories of culture and religion and how they do or do not intersect are great. There is plenty of space out there for simple church bashing. This is a space for genuine, thoughtful expression.

How do you share who the author of a post is?

The title of your post will appear first. Right below, your name (e.g., Claire Henning, or Claire Henning, D.Min) would be on the first line with the designation: “Guest Author.” At the end of your post please provide a one-to-two sentence bio. You may also submit a small picture and post a link to your own site.

How do I get my post to you?

Please send your post via email to

Is the post still mine once I submit it to you or do I have to turn over all control?

When you submit a post, I am asking for exclusive rights to the online publication of your post.

How do I edit my post?

I may wish to retitle your post to better suit the site. If I think the text requires extensive editing or cropping, I won’t publish it without letting you see the final draft. If it’s just an edit for clarity’s sake or a reorganization of a few sentences to make things read more smoothly, I will probably not bother you with it.

What if I want my post removed from your site?

Assuming that you aren’t planning to ask to reclaim a post that goes viral, and would not request the removal of your post without a valid reason, I would definitely comply with your request, even though I would be sorry to see it go.

If you decide to publish my post, will you contact me?

My email inbox can get overwhelming. That means that it may take a while for me to respond to guest post inquiries. So, if you haven’t heard back from me in a few weeks, feel free to check back. Once I accept a post, I’ll give you a heads up on when it will be published. But there are those times when I may need a last-minute fill-in and it may get published sooner than I anticipated.

Can I run an idea past you before I write?

Sure! Email me at